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rombul1a.gif (164 bytes) Classes in Pine, Arizona

To encourage interested participants to come to our "home-based" classes in Pine, Arizona, in previous years we offered reduced rates during the winter months of January through April, while other classes were offered in other cities around the country the rest of the year.  Savings on these classes allow people to also make a vacation out of this venture. Pine is situated in the beautiful Rim Country mountains in Northern Arizona. See our "Rim Country" pages.

Why reduced rates?  Over the past few years, hotel meeting-room rates have become prohibitive.  Plus, the sheer magnitude of transporting a whole school room and equipment has become too expensive & burdensome.  Therefore, the school has decided to eliminate out-of-state classes so students can benefit by reduced rates at our home-based classroom.

In our own facility, we have correct lighting, spray booths, other equipment, and all necessary comforts.  Often in hotel meeting rooms, we must compromise on these comforts.  Additionally, during winter months, Pine and Strawberry motel and hotel accommodations are at reduced rates.

Class size is limited to three students, because of the size of the facility.   After analyzing the cost of other schools, that range from $750 for 3 days to $1400 for five days, and none offering equipment and supplies, we determined that tuition alone ranges from $200 to $300 per day.  We give you the most for your money: smaller classes, equipment and a proven track record of student success rates.  Don't forget to ask for student references and check out our record.

rombul1a.gif (164 bytes) Current Schedule

The Shirley Vicker's Academy Workshop Schedule lists proposed dates and places only.  PLEASE NOTE: The date and place for each workshop will become firm after enough students - a minimum of 2 - have made firm reservations.  Obviously, the schedule is subject to change.

rombul1a.gif (164 bytes) 2010

rombul2a.gif (120 bytes) Apr 9 - 14 Pine, AZ (confirmed)
rombul2a.gif (120 bytes) May 9 - 14 Pine, AZ
rombul2a.gif (120 bytes) Oct 3 - 8 Pine, AZ
rombul2a.gif (120 bytes) Nov 7 - 12 Pine, AZ
rombul2a.gif (120 bytes) TBA Pine, AZ

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